Toubacouta is really a beautiful and calm town on the Saloum Delta within the central region of Senegal, close to the border using the Gambia. It’s considered Senegal’s Hidden Jewel while offering a far more tranquil atmosphere for individuals who want to relax across the water or watch the wild birds yet still be immersed in Senegalese culture.


Toubacouta in the suburbs of roughly 3,000 people but offers an array of activities for cultural and ecological enthusiasts. The stunning sunsets, mangroves, and colorful wild birds give a peaceful backdrop for any town have a tendency to has something happening.

Between drum circles and training, wrestling matches, watching birds, and boating, there’s always something to see and do in Toubacouta. Off its coast, Toubacouta has a World Heritage Site, tropical made entirely of shells by having an ancient baobab tree. You may also enjoy tropical where various wild birds will congregate for that night. Travelers may also visit other islands found in the delta, spending each day with locals eating fresh fish, shrimp and oysters.

At night, vacationers may take a nighttime stroll underneath the stars or have a dip within the water and find out the bio-luminescence illuminate the otherwise dark waters. Toubacouta is the perfect melding of wildlife possibilities, water-living, and cultural possibilities. Toubacouta is a touch-known tourist local that might be more from the beaten path but nonetheless offers all of the amenities of the more developed town. Toubacouta has something to provide all types of tourist.

What are the festivities that can’t be missed?

Senegalese love parties and also to have some fun every time they can. Senegalese wrestling happens from October to May nearly every weekend in the region. Make certain to obtain some attaya, matches start at 10pm and go until 1-2am Thursday, Friday, Saturdays throughout the season.

What’s the optimum time to go to?

There’s no damaging time, just the optimum time to determine what suits your interests or wallet. Wild birds start migration prior to the wet season in May and continue until August making there to nesting grounds. Wrestling and winter are October through Feb. The thirty varietals of mangoes and fresh roasted cashews are prepared in May and finished in This summer.

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